In Fudge, instead of placing falling tetrominoes, you carve them out of a block of tiles. It's a kind of supratetris; what happens before or above the tetris screen.

Form tetrominoes at the bottom of the stack. They must have a clear path below them to fall.

Made by Rianna Suen
with art by Dan Emmerson
and sound design by Dan Pugsley and Yijuan(Juju) Li
and music by Podington Bear

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withp5.js, Processing
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Non violent, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Tetris, tetrominoes
Average sessionA few minutes


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the fact that there is no rotation makes this so annoying, but i still got to a lowest score of 3

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Great game, but to be honest I would've preferred it as a time based game that allowed for the rotation of the tetrominoes.

I got to 3 after at least an hour. I think it's basically luck of the draw to be able to complete it.

Nice idea, but sadly not as fun to play as I hoped, but definitely has potential.
I'd suggest tweaking the randomness of the tetrominoes , or changing how the blocks are added when you hit re-roll (or some combination of both); I'd at least allow the shape to be rotated before it is cut out of the block.
Maybe try drag & drop controls instead of clicking each block to build the shape?

I didn't hear any sound or music, maybe a glitch? This plus some added colour and visual effects would help a lot. 

Anyway, still great effort getting this idea up and running in the game jam. Hope to see more!

A surprisingly effective endless game! got to 10!

19 is my best score. idk how people get 0...


I got a score of 0!


I managed a score of 0 but the game did not finish!


After hours I finally give up getting any better then this.

nice!! I got all the way down to 6 once

Great idea. Rated. :)

My p5.js uploads seem to not work here. Do you have any hint for issues here? Did you experience problems with p5.js at itch?

A very nice and fun game!
as a tetris lover this game i enjoyed it alot


Really nice and relaxing gameplay!

I found a bit hard to understand that tetris shapes must be formed exactly with the shown orientation.

Great work!

It was a little difficult, but it was a very fun game. I thought it was amazing to come up with such an idea.

interesting idea! loved the music and sound effects, the "(R)eroll" as well, took some time to figure out what exactly the rules are but all and all, perfect game!


Hey. What a nice game!  I really like it. It was hard but worth playing it!

Nice game! But is very difficult