Vacuum is a minimalist game about harvesting colourful nebulae to grow a newly born star. Comets are drawn in by its gravity, and their icy chill will extinguish such a small solar object. Gain critical mass to complete the cycle.

(Play with controller [analogue sticks] or keyboard [wasd & arrow keys])

Made by Dan Emmerson and Rianna Suen of Cake Thursday
with music by Michael Emmerson
and sound design by Dan Pugsley

For Ludum Dare 52 - "harvest" in January 2023

Development log


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Who knew window washing was so difficult! (Really cool game!)

This game is a massive vibe, I love how it feels to move, the sound design, the music, the art, its just amazing it all combines perfectly and elevates the whole game to being more than the sum of its parts.

Master work of an experience, can't find any flaws on it

man i love this game

This is a fun little game. One thing I noticed is that is feels a bit janky when going out one side of the screen ans coming back in from the other side. I think this is due to the circle not being rendered when overlaping. To solve this you could make a 3x3 grid of circles that move along with the player, just spaced by the height and width of the screen. 

Also, if you reach critical mass, you could implore into a black hole and become a galaxy, like a level 2

yes this is needed